Sea World is a water theme park located in the heart of Chittagong in Foy’s Lake. It is located in the same complex as Amusement World Dry Park and the Foy’s Lake Resort. Sea World is full of splash pools, water coaster rides, and all the usual features you would expect from a world-class water theme park. It’s also surrounded by the picturesque beauty of Foy’s Lake. Come and experience a world of fun and thrills set in a dream-like place with stunning natural beauty. We have rides and facilities suitable for people of all ages, whether you want to simply relax in the water or experience the thrill of our slides and wave pool. We also have a resort hotel you can stay in overnight!

Wave Pools, Slide World, Family Pool, Tube Slides, Multi-Slide, Waterfall, Doom Slide, Play Zone, Dance Zone.