Concord is a renowned company in Bangladesh and running its business with its own fame and status. ‘Concord Architects & Interior Decor Limited’ is a concern of Concord Group and accountable for all types of aesthetic works for all projects of Concord since 1996. Other than, CAIDL involves a lot of outhouses that work with a very confident and constructive reputation in Bangladesh.

Concord has a highly experienced team of engineers, structural designers, architects, and interior designers. We also work with all the big design houses in the country. Our strength lies in the fact that on any particular project, we consult and work with renowned local and international associates in the fields of architecture, structural design, retrofitting, interior design, landscape design, building illumination design, etc.

Versatility is an important element in the growth of any company. Within the Concord Group, this is visible in our numerous subsidiary companies that provide a wide variety of products and services that complement our core business.

Our in-house interior design department has a highly experienced team and its own factory in Tejgaon. They have successfully completed many well-known projects including state buildings, banks, offices, showrooms and many smaller projects like homes and apartments.

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